About Us

How We Started

At a kitchen table in Birmingham The Hip Sit was born. It was Natalie's table and it was her first product - the innovative back-saving Hip Sit - that got everything started.

As a mother of three, Natalie knows only too well about carrying babies and the resulting aching back. The Hip Sit solved the problem and it has quickly become a must have item for any parent. 

More clever products are on the way - Let’s face it - babies aren’t getting any lighter!

Natalie and Daniel's family has now grown to 5 with 3 children plus an increasing number of pets. Daniel has left his job to share his financial and selling expertise with The Hip Sit Team. It was Daniel's idea to give the product away to many parents to help spread the word of their innovative back saving carrier.

The Hip Sit is widely available in many countries worldwide. We are proud to have been nominated for several awards.

This is very much a family business and families are at the heart of everything we do.

The Hip Sit

We’re all about making parents lives easier. When life is easier, it’s more fun! We are very practical and hard-working. We expect a lot from our products. As a parent, when you use something every day, it’s often the little details that count. We notice those things too.

We’re extremely proud of our Hip Sit. We hope you love it as much as we do!