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The Hip Sit
The Hip Sit
The Hip Sit
The Hip Sit
The Hip Sit
The Hip Sit

The Hip Sit

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Carry your clingy little one with ease, no need for cumbersome complicated carriers!

The days of strapping and unstrapping your baby to pick them up or set them down are over. Since The Hip Sit™ secures around your waist and not around your child, you can lift or set down your baby whenever you like.

★Is your child overly clingy or do they just love to be carried? 

★Do you suffer from aching arms and a sore back?

★Are you constantly juggling them from arm to arm? 

Now you can carry them easily, quickly and pain free.
Introducing The Hip Sit™ with it's sturdy, lightweight, Styrofoam 3D Hip Seat and back supporting design is ideal for carrying children from birth to three years. Perfect for wearing on a family outing, around the home when you need to catch up on housework or even trips to the shops when your little one won't let you put them down.

Specifically designed to address one of the root causes of adult back pain, The Hip Sit™ provides a firm shelf for the child to sit on and supports their increasingly heavy weight from underneath. Instead of twisting the spine, the parent's back stays straight and the child is tucked into the chest, providing comfort and security for both adult and child.

CARRYING YOUR BABY PAIN-FREE: Easily carry your precious baby or toddler without strain or discomfort and meet the all-important need of your child to be carried close to you. No need to figure out how to get baby and you comfortable or where all the straps go. Just simply strap on The Hip Sit in seconds.

★LIGHTWEIGHT & VERSATILE: The Hip Sit™ is a strong, ergonomic baby carrier that sits right above your hip. Just a strip of high quality Velcro and one safe, sturdy buckle to put it on. That’s it.

★FOUR CARRYING POSITIONS: Made for newborn up to 3 year old toddlers (8 lbs to 44 lbs), 1) Feeding/breastfeeding, 2) Side carrying, 3) Front facing, and 4) Face to face.

★RELIEVES BACK, SHOULDER STRAIN: The Hip Sit™ evenly distributes your baby’s weight so you don’t have to constantly switch sides or strain your back.

★DOCTOR-APPROVED: Approved by both pediatricians for babies, and chiropractors for adults, the supportive ergonomic seat puts your baby’s hips in the pediatric-recommended “M” position, and reduces painful spine curvature for grown-ups.

★IT’S EASY HOP-ON/HOP OFF DESIGN: And elevated carrying position, makes it invaluable on sightseeing trips, holidays, long walks, crowded cities, festivals and anywhere buggies don’t fit. Its back supporting design is perfect for carrying children between 3 month and 3 years.

The Hip Sit waist circumference: 67cm/26.3"-110cm/43.3" It also snaps easily into place. It only takes seconds to put on or take off. Recommended weight of up to 50lbs.
Worried it won't fit we have a waist extender available Here!

★CARRYING YOUR CHILD AGAINST YOUR BODY: Nature’s way. The Hip Sit™ with its solid base and back-supporting belt, supports the child’s weight from underneath ensuring your spine stays straight. Little ones are carried in a way that is comfy and bonding, while your back is protected from short term fatigue and long term damage.